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  • Add salt to the shredded vegetables instead of into the batter. This helps draw out the moisture. The cheesecloth method works well.
  • Since we were making lots of different types of latkes, we prepped the veggies and the liquid batter, and mixed them in batches right before cooking.
  • Unless you’re going to cook the potatoes/apples right away, add some acid (e.g. lemon juice) to prevent them from turning funny colors.


  • adding sage (excellent)
  • adding basil (good)
  • adding carrots (great)
  • adding granny smith apples (great)
    • cinnamon and similar spices are a good addition
    • you can also add some sweetness (e.g. maple syrup)
  • pakora style (great)
    • replace flour with chickpea flour
    • add Indian spices (tumeric, coriander, garam masala)
    • serve with tamarind paste and apple sauce on the side if available

For the carrot and apple versions, doing about a 50-50 mix of potato/onion with carrot or apple worked well.